All QuickBooks Integration Solution with Salesforce through InterWeave Smart Solutions

Chris Brown from the Prestwick Group says:

Often times in integrating systems you’ll find a lot of sweet talk upfront with endless compromises in reality. InterWeave’s team is not afraid to tell you exactly how it is, get right into the facts, and does what it takes to make your integration a success. Their team is extremely knowledgeable in the products they represent and a trusted partner in ensuring your integration is a success.

After implementation they are highly responsive to system changes and new challenges and quick to adapt. I highly recommend the Interweave products and process for your integration needs.

InterWeave We truly appreciate how our Customer’s work with us. It’s a dialogue based on mutual respect as we look to understand our Customer’s requirements regarding workflow and business process; and then recommend best practice based on integration with Financial Transactions. As they say, when you like what you do – it isn’t work.

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