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CRM is our passion and our focus. As our customers extend their CRM vision past integration, business process and workflow, InterWeave’s  experience in design, data, analytics, platforms becomes very clear, very quickly.


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The InterWeave Advantge

Start with the Right Partner Your sucess is our only focus

InterWeave guides our Customers journey through their digital transformation. We specialize in complete, end-to-end transformation from your thoughts to a complete, automated environment encompassing CRM, Financial Applications, Payment Applications and Multi-Cloud inclusion.

Technology Roadmap

A technology roadmap visualizes how technology will support the Companies businesses requirements.  Roadmaps are essential to show how complex work — such as addressing technical debt, infrastructure, and growth-oriented innovation; prior to starting a project. 

Application Integration

We utilize this InterWeave Platform as a Service (iPaaS) (yes, we built it), to build Integrations across multiple applications that incorporate you business process and workflow for both SMB and Enterprise companies.

Professional Services

No two businesses are alike. InterWeave provides process consulting services that ensure that your automation strategy and  delivers the ROI you expect. Our services include cost-effective plans, timely implementation, and consideration for future scalability.

Data & Analytics

Visualize and explore all of your data to get automated insights for your entire organization. Make better decisions with AI. Use intelligent predictions, recommendations, and flows to uncover answers to business-critical questions.

Custom Development

InterWeave’s skilled team of developers design, develop, and deploy applications and software that is designed for your organization that will seamlessly integrate with other applications, streamline business processes and improve the user experience.

“When we create integrated solutions that are specific to our customers business processes, workflow, and customer experience, real-time information flow and tighter employee collaboration, improved strategic decision-making capabilities are achieved.”

Bruce Magown, CEO

CRM CPQ Buildout, Mobile & QuickBooks Integration

InterWeave has been working with National Staffing since 2019 and has been instrumental in the new design of the Object/Data Hierarchy structure for Salesforce (the Business Process/Work Flow Diagram, and the Object/Data Entity Design Document. This led to the development and production of National’s new Staffing Solution encompassing  eCommerce, Payment Gateway, Customer and Vendor Processing and  QuickBooks Integration.

How it works

Contact us with your questions about how our SmartSolutions Consulting can best serve your needs.

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Integration Technologies, Inc. serves our global clients from several North American locations. We may be reached through our office locations and contact information. Please click on the Icon above to start your Journey in Digital Transformation.

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We will quickly prepare a quote with the proposed pricing for the Solutions and Services required to meet your expectations. There is great depth of experience in CRM Solutions and Services and we will answer any questions you have.

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Nothing is more important than the trust of our customers and all stakeholders. We deliver a trusted infrastructure and communicate openly. We know that we succeed when our customers succeed, so since day one, we've built a company around delivering .

Contact us

with your questions about how our SmartSolutions Consulting can best serve your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Platform

Integration Technologies provides integration solutions and services that help connect and integrate assets across our customers enterprise in real-time with the industry’s most comprehensive SaaS Integration Platform - InterWeave, the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM. InterWeave was designed for organizations with highly distributed operations, large partner/customer communities who need to share data/information transactions, and customers and partners who require simple solutions for complex integration issues.

InterWeave Smart Solutions®” integrate enterprise systems, legacy applications, databases, files, content, and web service, and is designed to help enterprise, mid-market, non-profits quickly and affordably build, deploy and maintain integration solutions. Fast, affordable, and tailored to meet our customers’ needs, InterWeave can jump-start or expand a company’s integration efforts, generating immediate business value and rapid ROI.

InterWeave provide our CRM Partners with integration capabilities with Financial applications, ACH/CC Payment Gateways, eCommercre, ERP, web services, Data Bases, etc. – all in a hub/spoke model. The difference is the Solution is configurable to your exact requirements, so no two Solutions are the same. It the architecture can support your business process and work flow, we can work with it.

InterWeave has organized the SmartIntegration Platform into three integration tenants; Financial Accounting Integration Cloud , Payment Processing Solutions and Multi-Cloud integration.

The InterWeave Financial Application Integration Cloud is where customers may register, select SmartIntegration Solutions between “Best of Breed” applications, and then configure them at the object and field level. Integration with Financial applications like QuickBooks, the Sage/MAS line, MS Dynamics, Oracle and others are available in a Cloud hub/spoke model. Additionally, is Integration with over 48 Merchant Services Providers for Real-Time, Scheduled and Recurring Payments internally in your CRM. The SmartSolutions configuration selections reside on the SmartIntegration Platform.  Examples are:

  • CRM_QuickBooks Desktop
  • CRM_QuickBooks Online
  • CRM_Sage 50
  • CRM_Sage 90
  • CRM_Sage 100
  • CRM_Sage 200
  • CRM_Sage 300
  • CRM_Sage 400
  • CRM_Sage 500
  • CRM_MS Dynamics 365 Business
  • CRM_MS Dynamics 365 Enterprises
  • CRM_Payment Gateway (44 MSP’s)
  • CRM_Databases
  • CRM_ ERP (48 ERP’s)

The SmartIntegrationPlatform for Payment Cloud Processing provides Payment Processing Solutions for your CRM. Innovative. Secure. Integrated with 49 Merchant Service Providers and counting.

InterWeave simplifies Payment and Subscription billing and management, automating recurring invoicing, payments and revenue recognition while streamlining customer revenue management.

  • Real-time, Scheduled and Recurring Payments and Subscription Management Payments with hosted, self-service Customer Portal integrated with your CRM.
  • Your CRM Analytics and Dashboards updated in real-time.
  • Security and Technology, multiple levels.
  • Automated Invoicing in your CRM or Financial Application, seamlessly integrating and in real-time. ​​


The SmartIntegrationPlatform for Multi-Cloud Integration integrates your CRM Solutions with anything, anywhere, across any device for Multi-Cloud Integration

InterWeave provides connection with your cloud with applications, data, enterprise solutions and other clouds to create your hybrid cloud environment. As cloud-based, subscription-based solutions continue to evolve, your challenge is to find the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) vendor who has the capability and experience to integration with your existing on-premise systems.

  • Benefits without Boarders
  • Multi-Cloud Integration Patterns
  • Multi-Cloud Integration Solutions
  • Configurable Solutions at the Ready
  • Flexibility with no Infrastructure
  • Security and Compliance

Integrate your CRM Solution with anything, anywhere, across any device.

Check out our Pricing and Packaging Guide, which will walk you through your options for investing in your SmartIntegration Platform.

Our InterWeave customers have choice of multiple Editions in our Platform.

  • Editions: InterWeave has Editions that cover Financial Services Integration, Payment Integration and Multi-Cloud Integration. The Editions are feature rich and extensible.
  • Add-ons: You can extend your SmartIntegration Platform with add-ons in order to get exactly what your business needs. Managed Hosting, Solutions Smart+ Support, access to Financial Advisors and more are available.

To learn more about our Solutions and their costs, please visit our Solutions Pricing page.

For organizations in the nonprofit, education, or philanthropy sectors, InterWeave offers discounts on our Solutions and has a special Edition just for these organizations.

InterWeave currently has 28 Protocol Specific Connectors, which addresses over 90% of know Protocol standards. With InterWeave, you can integrate, import and export data from any application of data entity that has and API in real-time. For our CRM partners, the REST and SOAP protocols are quite common and have been developed and extended over the years. 

Yes,. InterWeave supports One to One, One to Many, Many to Many, etc.

For example, we have a Franchise Edition of our Financial Solution which customers have integrated their CRM with over 28 Accounting Company files.

InterWeave currently has integrated with over 48 ERP systems since 2006. You have multiple options when it comes to CRM and ERP integration.

  • InterWeave can integrate from your Accounting Systems, to your CRM and then to your ERP, providing a seamless transfer of validated data between these entities.
  • Business Process and Work Flow can be at the entity level, or can be executed in InterWeave in real-time between entities.
  • Support for Financial Management, HR Management, Inventory Management, Order and Supply Chain Management is provided.


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