Technology Roadmap

A technology roadmap is a planning tool that professionals use to organize projects related to technological development within a company. Project leads, managers and information technology (IT) professionals often use technology roadmaps to visualize the progress of a company's technological change.

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Technology Roadmap

A Technology Roadmap for CRM is a plan for CRM implementation that aligns an organization’s business strategy with the functionality of its CRM.

To define a CRM roadmap, an organization must first understand its processes and how each department works to meet the needs of customers. And then discern through the introduction of CRM, how will these processes change and improve. Possible questions may be:

How do our Sales and Marketing teams obtain information regarding their customers?

Do our Sales and Marketing team then share insight about their customers?

Is Finance involved in this process?

Are these groups working towards a common goal?

How do we measure how effective our Marketing and Sales efforts are?

When a customer has a well thought out, well defined Technology Roadmap, then this customer will have a plan on how to bring in a CRM solution that reflects the organizations goals for both short term and long term growth. InterWeave Consulting technical staff can assist you with not only building your Technology Roadmap, but also be your Implementation Partner. So where does this start? It starts with you. Let us know how we can help accelerate your organization.

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