Custom Development

Custom  development means quick addition of new features according to changing requirements. As an experienced and dedicated CRM team, we develop Solutions to your exacting requirements. 

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Custom Development

Custom Development is a term in which the InterWeave Platform, which is designed to integrate information from disparate systems allowing real-time management of the  organization, requires addition applications or development to achieve the customers business objectives.

InterWeave CRM custom development offers you a wide range of integrated applications and processes that are incorporated in the various object views of your CRM. An example is adding triggers on the objects to perform an action is called customized InterWeave development. And with integrated data and custom coding, new processes and procedures add to your capabilities.

For custom application development

Technical developers are required to create pages or process with multiple languages like apex, python and many more. For many customers, the strength of their CRM and InterWeave provide levels of customization not possible in prior years. InterWeave customization rarely have limits; customize mobile applications, third-party integrations and more. When should you customize? When you compartmentalize your business methods, you can identify what can be handled via configuration verses  customizations; you then you have the ability to prioritize and create the company wide plan to provide a new level of service.

There are thousands of reasons to customize the platform, lets us go through some common reasons which we have seen and heard about them:

The business process may not be skilled through workflows and validation rules.

For third party integration we should do customization.

We cannot directly use the standard reports for gathering the required information.

Mostly people nowadays are using Word/Excel to manage data outside of InterWeave, Why? Because it takes a lot of time to do it within InterWeave to overcome this we use customization.

If you’re going the route of making Apex code or triggers you’ll be able to do that with an implementation partner or by employing a developer in house.

If you’re going with one thing that needs Visualforce you’ve got a lot of options: you’ll use AppExchange apps, like SkyVisualEditor, to make your UIs for you, you’ll hire an implementation partner to make your UIs, otherwise you will use an in-house developer.

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