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Case Study

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Introducing DeepVac

Tenant occupied renovations can be overwhelming. We’re here to help.

Twenty-eight years ago, we started our company specializing in turning over vacant apartment units (Painting, Carpet Cleaning and Housekeeping prior to new tenant occupancy). Concentrating on Apartment Communities and Property Management companies we found we were servicing many affordable and senior housing projects. Within a few years we included packing services of tenant occupied units undergoing remodeling and renovations.

Currently, we turn over approximately 250 units a month (carpet cleaning, house cleaning and painting vacant units in preparation for new tenants) and have recently completed a six-month long renovation project for 300 tenant occupied units (packing, moving, returning and unpacking).

We make your renovations easy on you and your tenants. Here’s how we do it:

Step 1. Review and Prepare

We can facilitate your Pre-Construction / General Information Tenants Meeting.

Before renovations begin, we walk every unit to review each tenant’s packing needs with them personally.

Step 2. Pack and Store

We coordinate with your tenants to ready them for packing. We pack and move your tenant’s belongings with care, within the unit or to storage as needed.

Step 3. Unpack and Clean Up

We unpack your tenant’s belongings and return them to their original location.

Additionally, we can provide cleaning services during and post-construction.

“A first-class company worthy of a relationship.” This is my definition of DeepVac.”

Regional Manager of Billion Dollar Non-Profit.

The DeepVac Solution

InterWeave SmartSolutions – QuickBooks Desktop (Hosted at Trapp Technology) integration to Salesforce Enterprise Edition

I have been working with computers since 1985. As a small business owner for the past 31 years it was only in 1998 I started to work with QuickBooks. With a few hitches in between, I took my company to the cloud with Salesforce in 2007, and integrated Salesforce with QuickBooks Desktop through InterWeave in 2007 and have never looked back.

Between 1998 and 2006 I had the misfortune of working with several companies that did not understand what I wanted, what I needed and couldn’t deliver even on what they did profess to do, and their technical support was sorely lacking.

InterWeave has made it possible for smooth integration of my CRM / Scheduling program Salesforce and my Financial Management program QuickBooks. They listened to what I was attempting to accomplish, customized their program to fit my needs, and have provided the best customer service since day one that I have encountered in my 31 years of experience with technical support of any kind.

Recently, Salesforce changed the encryption platform which required my files to be moved to a dedicated server in 2010. About the same time, it became obvious my original QuickBooks company file, in use since 1998, could no longer handle incoming from Salesforce. When we needed to create a new file and sync Salesforce to it, InterWeave made that transition as smooth as silk, as if it only required flipping a switch. It took much more than that on their end, but on mine, they couldn’t have made it seem any easier.

We are now in the process of moving from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online, and InterWeave is assisting every step of the way.

I cannot say enough good about InterWeave so I will leave you with this: My name is Jane Gyorgy. I am the owner of DeepVac Inc. and you can reach me at 415-850-4722. I stand behind my word and recommend InterWeave without reservation.

There are a variety of InterWeave SmartSolutions available;

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